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Fall Sweater Trends

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The fall season means it's time to cozy up in your favorite sweater. Learn about the variety of sweater styles availiable at Tracy 2 this season.


The cardigan is a great casual sweater that can be thrown over any ensemble with ease. From layering a lightweight cardigan, to bundling up in a cozy knit, this sweater comes in a variety of styles and materials. 

Check out some of our cardigans available in-store and online.


The bigger the better. A sophisticated boho-chic oversized sweater can be paired with anything, especially skinny pants, jeans, or skirts is a to-die-for fall trend.

Oversized sweaters are self-explanatory and incredibly chic. Try our Paper Crown Vancouver Sweater paired with our Philadelphia Wash High Rise Skinny Jeans and our Jahida Booties to create a simple, chic look, perfect for the fall season. 



Though not exactly a "knit type", any sweater guide would not be complete without a mention of cashmere. This timeless material is not only extremely soft, but also keeps the wearer warm while not adding any additional bulk. 


Knit fabric is one of the most standard variations there is. The stretchiness of the fabric is ideal for sweaters and knitted garments, making it easy to wear and maintain. 

Cable Knit

                                                                                                For extra warmth, a cable knit sweater is the way to go. The knit's distinctive cable adds texture to an ensemble, making it instantly chic and trendy. These sweaters tend to be more chunky than other knits, and they complement skinny jeans or any fitted bottoms nicely.



For a more subtle look than cable knit, you can opt for a ribbed sweater, which has just the right texture without the excess bulk. 

Explore all the greatest trends in sweaters and knits at Tracy 2 for the fall season!